Backpacks from OAK25

With our reflective backpacks and fanny packs, we have made it our goal to get you through everyday life safely and smartly. Our backpacks and fanny packs are smart and functional with a well thought-out system of compartments. The reflective material not only makes you look good, but also makes it easier to get through the busy traffic.

Safety on the roads with OAK25

Our products make your everyday life on the roads safer. Thanks to the large reflective surfaces, you will be seen much better and you will be able to walk your everyday paths much more relaxed, which is especially important for cyclists.

Secure backpacks for your everyday life

Our smart backpacks combine a sophisticated compartment system with a minimalist and cool look. So you are perfectly equipped for university or the office, and the reflective material makes you stand out in the dark! The simple look means that anyone can wear them and you can combine the backpacks with almost any outfit.

Smart fanny packs for leisure

Smart Whether for the next festival, the relaxed evening in the bar or the next meeting in the park. With the reflective fanny pack from OAK25 you are perfectly equipped for relaxed leisure activities. To make sure you get home safely, our fanny packs reflect in the dark. With a smart compartment system and an integrated Secret Pocket you have all your valuables safely stowed away in our reflective fanny pack so you can concentrate on the important things.

Style meets safety

The minimalist design allows you to combine the backpacks and fanny packs with almost any lifestyle trend. The timeless design of the backpacks and fanny packs is a real eye-catcher and the reflective surface makes you feel more secure in your everyday life.

Supporting young startups

We have been looking for a cool bike backpack that is also smart for a long time, but we couldn't find it. That's why we developed it ourselves with the Luminant Bag. Based on this, we want to continue to develop cool, functional accessories that improve your everyday life and make it safer.