How do I study in the digital winter semester?

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Students facing a challenge

Large lecture halls, delicious food in the cafeteria and relaxed conversations after a long day at university. The things that make up university life are now reduced to the minimum. The pandemic is changing our entire lives, and university life will not be spared. Students who often live in a shared flat or even at home have to study from home from now on. Apart from important documents, such as a laptop, a stable Internet connection and an inviting workplace are important. Especially for students who are spending their first semester at a university, the situation is not easy. School and university are two completely different things in reality. While fixed times and a clear plan are still set at school, students have to show a lot of personal responsibility and discipline during their studies. In addition, the courses themselves have to be chosen and structured. In this blog alone, you can already see how difficult it can be when you want to study at a university for the first time. Normally, the introductory events would be running at the moment, where the new students learn everything about the platforms and the university. But this year everything is different. Digital instead of lecture hall. Getting to know each other via zoom. No cosy evenings in the bar next door.

How can I still study well?

In order to start the semester successfully, one thing is particularly important. Take your time! There is no point in putting yourself under pressure and stress. Nobody can give you confidential tips on how best to study digitally. Every student is currently facing a completely new situation. This will also be a big task for professors and other teachers. They, too, have to provide you students with the necessary materials, record videos from home and familiarise themselves with new platforms within a few weeks. And that's exactly where an opportunity can lie. Nobody knows exactly what the semester will look like as a student or teacher. With understanding for both sides and active help, it can also be a win-win situation.

And how do I get my books?

Lectures and exercises are for students a fraction of their studies. The way to the library will accompany you throughout your studies. Discipline is also required here. Due to technical progress, for example, there is the possibility of borrowing books as e-books. If that's not possible, we would recommend that you go to the university with a rucksack that has enough space and that you know in advance exactly what you need. Our Daybag and Luminant Bag is perfect for your books. With enough space, you can pick up your books with complete peace of mind.


If you approach your semester with discipline and the necessary willingness to compromise, you will also be able to cope very well with a digital semester. Even if you are studying at a university for the first time, you should not worry too much. Hopefully the pandemic will soon be over and then you'll have enough semesters ahead of you where you can enjoy student life on campus!