Christmas at home - The typical traditions

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Christmas at home - traditions

Like almost all students, most students and office workers who have not yet started their own families like to spend Christmas at home, spending time with their families and loved ones.

Getting in the mood for the Christmas season

To get in the right mood for Christmas, the baking of biscuits is a must. There is hardly anything that gets the Christmas season in the right mood at home more than baking biscuits for Advent and the Christmas holidays. It's a great activity for the whole family, which guarantees fun. If you let some Christmas music play on the side, the Christmas spirit will come up with every Christmas mood.

Introduction of the Christmas season

The Christmas season in Germany typically starts in November with the first Christmas markets, where you can buy delicious mulled wine and lard biscuits. So there are often cosy evenings after work at the Christmas market or at home with friends in front of the fireplace.

Advent Days

In Germany the last 4 Sundays before Christmas are celebrated with the Advent Days. So in most households an Advent wreath is placed on the table: a thick wreath of coniferous branches with 4 candles, which are lit one after the other every Sunday. And at the latest when speculoos, gingerbread and mandarins are placed around the Advent wreath, the Christmas feeling is complete.

Father Christmas

On 6 December, St Nicholas is celebrated in Germany. St. Nicholas is celebrated by cleaning shoes together, usually the biggest boots, and placing them outside the door, then filling each other's shoes overnight and bringing them in together in the morning. A nice little action that is done together and is fun for everyone.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is probably the most important day of the Christmas season for most people, because on Christmas Eve the presents are under the Christmas tree and presents are celebrated together. The children are eagerly waiting to see whether their packed wish list will be fulfilled, while parents and grandparents are eager to see how the presents will be received. The tree is nicely decorated, mostly with candles, baubles and elaborate jewellery.

Christmas Singing

What would the Christmas season be without singing Christmas carols together? In many church congregations people come together to celebrate Christmas together. And at home, too, many families sing Christmas carols together before the presents are laid in front of the Christmas tree.

Christmas dinner

While on Christmas Eve, quickly prepared food is served so that as much time as possible can be used for giving presents, going to church and singing, on Christmas Day or Boxing Day there is a real feast. The classic meal is roast duck with dumplings, potatoes, red cabbage and other delicacies. So Christmas at home doesn't just mean that Christmas Eve is used for this purpose, but also the days afterwards are used in a cosy atmosphere to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.

This year's Christmas at home

Enjoy the time you can spend with your loved ones and also think of those who cannot be with you this year due to restrictions or health reasons.But of course, Christmas 2020 should also be unforgettable. Try to make yourself comfortable at home and enjoy the time for yourself.We hope that despite the current severe restrictions you will have a relaxing and healthy Christmas time and wish you a wonderful Christmas from the whole OAK25 team.