With a backpack into the big world

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A-levels in your pocket, 12 years of school behind you! The Work & Travel trend has increased strongly in recent years. Why shouldn't it? Pack your rucksack and just see the world. This blog is all about the experiences you can have with yourself and your packed rucksack abroad.

Pack your backpack and go

How often in life do you have the chance to pack a rucksack and go out into the wide world without worries? The time after graduating from high school is probably one of the few chances before the travel rucksack is exchanged for an office rucksack. No matter whether with your closest friends or alone. A Work & Travel trip is perfect for your personality or for self-discovery. If you want the full load of action, it is best to book only the outward flight. You look for accommodation and a job that will feed you on the spot. We talked to some people who told us about their experiences and how they packed their rucksack for the trip.

Experiences and impressions

Johannes is 19 years old and last year, after graduating from high school, he ventured into the adventure of Work & Travel. He only had a packed rucksack with him. "This trip has brought me unbelievably far personally and it was the perfect time to take a deep breath before law school". Johannes worked on different farms and plantations. He was never too bad for any work. "I found it simply incredibly exciting to talk to the local people and other people who were only travelling with their rucksacks. When asked how he packed his rucksack and which rucksack was the perfect Work & Travel rucksack, he said: "You have to be clear in advance what are really the most important things you need on a world trip. There are many backpacks that have an excellent system of compartments and offer plenty of storage space. But at the end of the day, a rucksack has only limited space. I have decided on a large hiking backpack. I thought it was perfect because it has an incredible amount of space and yet is comfortable to carry thanks to the padded straps.

Julia is 23 and already has her Bachelor's degree in her pocket. After graduating in business administration, she decided to spend a year abroad in Australia. When we asked her how it came about, she said: "Many friends packed their rucksacks after graduating from high school and travelled for a year. I somehow didn't want to do that back then and now I have the opportunity again. The experience of travelling through Australia with just my rucksack somehow appealed to me. The planning stretched over several weeks and Julia had some problems with the organisation of what to pack into the backpack. "I just can't get my rucksack. I had already sorted out so much and could hardly part with other things. But in the end it worked out. The choice of rucksack was not very difficult for her, and for Johannes. Julia has also chosen a large hiking rucksack. "At the beginning I thought that I would just fall over backwards with my rucksack. But everything is just a matter of getting used to it and in the end I was so grateful that I chose the backpack."

Is a backpack adventure worthwhile?

Both were absolutely thrilled by the experience of a trip abroad and would do it again any time. Johannes also said the beautiful sentence: "This freedom to wander through a country with only your rucksack is an incredible feeling".