E-Scooter vs. Bike - The test

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Especially in the big city, alternative means of transport are increasingly used. Besides the bicycle, there is now another trend. E-scooters are taking over the big cities. Young people in particular are embracing the trend and are driving around the city on electric scooters. In this blog we want to find out how well the e-scooters beat the classic bike.

What can the E-Scooter do?

Quickly to the next appointment, to the office or even back home. E-scooters are the new trend. Relaxed and without much power they transport us through the streets. With an average speed of 20 km/h the speed is comparable to that of a cyclist. Very relaxed, mostly with the help of a QR code, the scooter can be booked via app. After a self-test we would now like to venture a comparison between bicycle and e-scooter. Unlocking the e-scooter is actually very simple. After a few seconds, the ride can be started and the speed is very surprising at the beginning. 20 km/h feels very fast without using your own power. Achieving a comparable speed by bicycle is not difficult, but it takes much longer than with the light e-scooter. Of course it also depends on whether you are riding a classic Dutch bike or a racing bike.

Bike or E-Scooter?

The speed and tractive power of the e-scooter has already convinced us. To reach such a speed with a scooter most of us were not used to before. And in our opinion there is a big catch. Every little bump or bigger stone is noticeable. The concentration to keep the balance is great and the fun of driving can definitely suffer. As long as there is the possibility that the scooter can be driven on the asphalt, the driving pleasure will hardly decrease due to small bumps. But as soon as there are stony paths in front of you and the scooter, things look quite different. It jerks all over your body and sometimes it is not so easy to keep control. With most bikes this problem does not exist. Equipped with good damping and a comfortable seat, bumps or unevenness are suppressed and the good centre of gravity of the body also helps to maintain better balance.

We still prefer to take our bike. But for short trips the e-scooters are also very suitable. In the end it is a question of taste. If you think about the environment, you should probably opt for the bicycle here too.