The Daybag and Tech Organizer - Love at first sight

Daybag - reflektierender Rucksack nachts | OAK25

An organised university day? Sounds simple, but it is more difficult than expected. With our new smart bag and backpack collection we now have the solution. The Daybag and Tech-Organizer combine a smart system with a casual design.


A perfect uni backpack

As with the Luminant Bag, the new Daybag and its reflective surface create a light source that makes it easier to see a cyclist, for example. Especially on busy roads, it is important that cyclists not only attract attention with their light on the bike, but that they now have a new, much larger light source with the Daybag. In addition to the reflective material and safety aspect, the Daybag is a real space miracle. Equipped with a laptop compartment and Secret Pockets for important valuables, the smart Daybag ensures a lot of order in the stressful everyday life at university. Our reflective backpack is also well prepared for heavy books from university. Equipped with padded cushions on the belt and on the back of the daybag, the carrying comfort is maximised, making carrying heavy books more comfortable than ever.

Finally order in your rucksack

With our new bag, the Tech-Organizer, another problem is now solved. We live in a digital world and even at university the iPad or laptop is increasingly being replaced by books and folders. Connected to it are charging cables, hard drives, USB sticks and much more. But where to put them? With the reflective daybag we already have a smart backpack. This is now rounded off with our new Tech Bag. The bag is also equipped with a smart compartment system and has room for all the cables and hard drives that would otherwise just lie in your backpack and might get knotted again. Everything finds its place and is perfectly stored in the good looking Tech Organizer.

Backpack and bag as a team

With the help of the Tech Organizer you can complete your daybag and use the full potential of order.
So our backpack and our new bag are the perfect combination for university or office.
The smart backpack and the stylish bag fit together extremely well and make your stressful day at university more relaxed, orderly and with the reflective surface of the Daybag also safer in traffic.