The Daybag - More than a backpack

Der Daybag am Tag - reflektierender Rucksack | OAK25

Daybag - Introduce yourselfe

Smart, stylish and reflective. These three words can be used to describe the new OAK25 backpack. With the Daybag we are launching our second backpack and want to set new standards in the backpack market. As with our Luminant Bag, we have placed great emphasis on a reflective material in the design of the backpack. But it was also important for us to design a backpack that is a bit cheaper in price without you having to feel any significant restrictions. With a capacity of 17 L the Daybag is a little smaller than its predecessor. In addition, our first backpack, the Luminant Bag, is almost completely equipped with a reflective material. In our second backpack, the Daybag, we have dispensed with the reflective material in some places and perfected it with a black, stylish material. Like the Luminant Bag, the Daybag is equipped with a laptop compartment. Thanks to the water-repellent fabric, your laptop is doubly secured by the laptop compartment and you no longer have to worry about whether your laptop will get to university or the office safely. 

Daybag - What makes you so smart?

A smart backpack is characterised by a pleasant wearing comfort, a clever pocket system and good looks. With our new backpack, the Daybag, we have achieved this. Especially for students, the backpack is perfect and offers enough space for all your documents. If you need something out of your backpack quickly, it's no problem with the Daybag! The integrated DeepL access compartment gives you instant access to your documents and the large opening allows you to see everything at a glance. You have valuables with you? No problem for our new backpack. With the Daybag you have the option of storing your valuables in a separate Secret Pocket. This way you are protected from theft to a maximum extent and don't have to be afraid of theft.

With the Daybag you will be seen

Quite clearly. Also in our new backpack we wanted to make sure that you are seen well, especially at night. With the glowing material you give car drivers or other road users the chance to see you better. Especially for students who drive to university with their rucksack and bicycle, this is a good way to drive through the streets more safely. 

The Daybag - Simply good

The backpack market is large. For us as a start-up it is clear that we can establish ourselves if the backpacks also offer added value. With the Daybag and the new backpack and fanny pack collection in general, we want to prove to you and to us that we definitely have what it takes!